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Because if Thursdays at, what I’ve been doing is 4 p.m. Eastern; If that’s not a good time for you; if I hear from enough people that there’s another day and time that works pretty well, then I’ll definitely think about doing a live video at that time.

But I’ll probably start popping on there a little more often for some short little Q&A or cooking videos; things like that.

Liz is a nutritional therapy practitioner, and the best-selling author of Eat the Yolks and The Purely Primal Skincare Guide. Whatever day we’re recording, whatever day y’all are listening to this, and I’ve been following some people on Snapchat who say “y’all”, so I just said it.

Together, Diane and Liz answer your questions, interview leading health and wellness experts, and share their take on modern paleo living with their friendly and balanced approach. So, super excited; huge weight off my shoulders, but also now having post “book off to print” anxiety dreams about hoping there are not random little typos or errors that somehow slipped by 6, 7 different people’s eyeballs looking at it.

It’s going to be just like you would for any other kind of school session, where you enroll a bit ahead of time. If I have to have a second kid to not be a new mom anymore… And I was like, oh thanks mom, that’s so sweet of you to say that. Diane Sanfilippo: Liz Wolfe: You don’t yell at her. I don’t know; I just love her to death and I do my best and I try to be nice to her. But really, I just feel; most days I just feel like I’m just not good at this. Because she hasn’t had anything baked yet, so she was like; she thought it was a ball, and she was really excited about this ball that she could eat, and it was cute. So on that San Francisco post, you can see lots of different restaurants. Since they’re still operating out of San Diego, as well; this means local produce and meat coming from both coasts. That’s the number 1; free bacon, and receive a free half pound of bacon with the purchase of a meal plan. Keep the questions coming; we really like seeing the comments, and the follow-up comments on both of our blog posts. This includes anything in the garlic/onion family; cooked, raw, powders, minor cross-contamination, everything.

We’re going to have a Facebook group, people can jump in, we’ll start talking about some things, and then we’ll actually kick off the class in the New Year, because we know that focusing on yourself when it’s kind of winter and everyone’s kind of dealing with holiday stuff and shopping and cooking and parties and all of that. If it’s your first; I think you're a new mom until you have another child or at least the child is 5. Diane Sanfilippo: Like if you only have one child; like I’m going to say 5 years. I used to; at the very beginning, I was like; at 6 months I’ll feel like I got this. And now I’m like; ok maybe when she’s 2 I’ll feel like I’ve got this. Diane Sanfilippo: Liz Wolfe: I’m just not sure that’s a fair trade . It gets to me because I just feel like; I feel like I’m not real good at this. Some people; I’m not saying other people have their stuff together, but definitely other people have their stuff more together than mine. You can see them by neighborhood, and you can see a picture of something I ate there and just kind of get inspired, see what it is that interests you on that list and kind of go from there. I’ve been eating a very clean diet, described below, for almost 18 months, and still cannot tolerate these foods. Garlic and onion are so hard to avoid when eating anything I didn’t personally prepare, plus they’re so good for me.

As I mentioned, I take Synthroid for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

I’m 31, I’ve been taking it since I was diagnosed at age 14.

Exercise is yoga one to two times a week; strength training two times a week, one long walk or hike a week.

Denver, Boulder, Chicago, Paramus, New Jersey, and Austin, Texas. Shout out: Jenny Castaneda at Paleo Foodie Kitchen [] Liz Wolfe: So on that note, do you have a shout out?

And I’ll be touring with Cassy Joy; she’ll be at every event with her new book Fed and Fit; except for New Jersey. Diane Sanfilippo: Yeah, I guess; you know, we’ll shout out to Jenny Castaneda as I was just mentioning her at Paleo Foodie Kitchen.

Everybody just needs to take some passionflower extract and calm down!

But you know, I worked really hard on writing and editing and all that. I’m super excited to have a hardcover version of it. I yammered on for an entire hour, basically about the new book.

And I know I’m still getting a bunch of questions from folks about it, so just check back to that episode. And we should have a blog post going up this week about the book and some FAQs and all that; we just didn’t get it finished up last week. Also, catch me over on Facebook live on Thursdays; probably also some other days.

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