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Kate is said to be the only genuinely good member of the Mc Reary family.

You meet Kate (initially) in the second section of the storyline, after being introduced by Packie, and she eventually goes on to become Niko's girlfriend.

Dimitri and Faustin "are like brothers" and have known each other for a long time, but Faustin's recent drug addiction (and subsequent paranoia) has soured their friendship.

Jacob becomes a trusted friend of Niko's as the story progresses.

Francis Mc Reary is a corrupt police officer who has dirt on Niko's past.

He knows about a felony Niko committed, and threatens to expose it unless Niko does some work for him.

Fitness enthusiast, car nut, and self appointed VIP. He is a man brimming with confidence, who isn't afraid to make himself heard.

He lives a lavish lifestyle, with nothing but the finest women, cars and lifestyle accessories.

A crackdown on drug dealing has increased the level of pressure on Elizabeta, as police begin to focus more on her activities.

‘s Joshua Holland, in an attempt to expose the “lies” peddled by the NRA and the politicians that they own.… continue reading »

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Have you ever gone to the movie and in the middle of the most climatic romantic scene someone interrupts it with either a baby crying or talking on their cell phone or kids laughing in the back of ...… continue reading »

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Traffic here is pretty quiet but there are LOTS of the non-European ex pat wives who have never passed a test but still drive their kids to school etc.… continue reading »

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Once you’ve done that, you can choose one of these common scenarios to split expenses (or make your own): Most common, unmarried (and many married) couples keep separate bank accounts and credit cards but split the big household expenses, like rent and utilities, equally.… continue reading »

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