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21-Aug-2017 05:57

Snickers, C Again dipping into pop culture after its success mining “The Brady Bunch” last year, Snickers this time suggests that cranky Marilyn Monroe (played by Willem Dafoe, in a dress, above a subway grate) just needs a bite of candy to be restored to her sweet self.On paper this ought to work, but on screen it plays a little stale, like peanuts trapped too long inside chocolate.This one tries too hard, sort of like an established consumer products company overindulging in contemporary language conventions.Hyundai, CIn two spots, the Korean carmaker has one funny idea -- two young women drive through a town where all the men are Ryan Reynolds -- but doesn’t know what to do with it.Some of it worked (Alec Baldwin, David Bowie), but much of it was too safe to be interesting (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marilyn Monroe, Janelle Monae).Meantime, some risky bets on new characters, a “puppymonkeybaby” and a friendly marmot, left viewers feeling a little queasy.There’s a lot of talking here, but the jokes are funny, and ending on the product (and the guacamole you make from it) does make you want to reach for a chip.Pepsi, B-The best you can say for this ad is that it is spirited and well-performed, casting Janelle Monae as lead dancer bopping through three settings of American music through the years.

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Paying a reported million for 30 seconds, advertiser after advertiser played it cautious by trotting out familiar faces and familiar music to help pitch their products.But Colgate’s message about not wasting water when you brush your teeth feels in this setting like hectoring.

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