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They didn’t go to the game together, but they saw each other that weekend. Page Six is careful to point out that, since Foxx is friendly with his co-star Tom Cruise, who is also Holmes’s ex-husband, the couple is “treading carefully.” But they may still be a couple! Poor Cruise, wondering to himself as he floats through the solar system on one of his morning constitutionals, “Is it the Oscar? Suri asking Foxx to change form or to make his fingertips glow or take her to Neptune again, and thus learning a valuable lesson that not all the adult men in her life are exactly the same. Good luck to Jamie and Katie, two famous people who aren’t famous at this point that it will blot out all the light that lets the relationship grow.

It’d be quite a thing, all the implications of this pairing. Even Suri has the wisdom of the ancients, imparted to her through half of her genetic code, as if downloaded from a faraway satellite. They seem well-suited for each other in that regard. “I think he'd be going down to Mexico and probably had a bad car accident.

A second source told us, "She is keeping a very low profile and plans on staying that way as long as she can.

She is in a happy place, even though she seems like she is hiding. They get along great and really got to know each other other over the past few months."In fact, they've both met one another's families who we're told "love" them together."Taylor is just taking extra precautionary measures in this relationship so her life is not out to the world like her past relationships," the source explained.

So at some point George Clooney must have gotten a call that went something like, “You will be spending a day with a small girl” and he nodded and said, “OK.” And so the child went with him to a taping of . ” “Oh it was fine.” “Good.” And then you wake up the next day and you’re not with a little girl or you’re not with George Clooney and it’s almost like it never happened. [ hosts were clearly a little taken aback by how well-spoken and gracious she was, because that is usually not the mode for morning news show guests.

She was with her mother, so George did have some adult company, but the whole purpose of the day was to spend it with a small girl. Did she ask him about the Sudan and how he remembers all his lines? Did he shake hands with her and say, “Well, goodbye little girl,” and then she said “Goodbye George Clooney”?

Seth Cohen is not Adam Brody’s to do with as he pleases. It can’t be true,” so horrified are they by this sudden chasm between character and actor, a canyon filled with betrayal and insult? I mean, the fan community for is like in its mid-to-late-20s if not 30s at this point, so hopefully this little throwaway interview joke isn’t totally blowing everyone’s brains, but yes, I’m sure he knows that there is a diehard contingent out there who is shocked, appalled, saddened by what he’s said. He can’t have these barnacles clinging to his boat any longer.

Yes he helped give birth to him, but just as any parent must quickly understand that their creation is its own sovereign being, owning of the world and owned by it, Adam Brody must know that he can’t just kill Seth off like that. Is he aware that across this nation, people are clutching to their Captain Oats dolls and shrieking “No! He’s a 34-year-old man who wants new opportunities, new acting adventures, and as long as he’s got these Seth Cohen maniacs out there demanding that he wear Converse sneakers and his hair all rumply and celebrate Chrismukkah every year, he can’t make genuine progress. Meanwhile, any fans of Sandy Cohen can feel free, and encouraged even, to do cling to him as long as they like, as Peter Gallagher assures us that Sandy is still alive, well, and making bagels.

On Saturday, they headed back to Swift's apartment in New York City where they were photographed heading off to the gym.

Yes, 32-year-old Disick and 19-year-old actress Thorne are reportedly dating.

Seen out together at Catch in LA (the same restaurant Kendall Jenner had her 21st birthday party at) and then at a club, dating rumours began swirling last week, but have been all but confirmed in the last few days, with photos of the pair cuddling in Cannes revealed.

"They loaded the cars, and after that, they snuck her out through the back.

They set it up to look like she would come out through the front, but they snuck out the back."The source continued, "[Taylor and Joe] came out very covered up in black hoodies but walked closely together.

But their reps, or people, or whoever says things publicly for them, said that they were just friends, just two pals dancing away a late-summer night.

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