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"They have five couples signed up for the Hawaii holiday, I really wish we could afford to go with them," said Niomi.

Jack, her husband replied, "The others got in to this complex long before we did and they have much smaller mortgages." "I'm thinking of an exclusive fundraiser, just the other couples." Niomi and Jack, in their mid thirties, had been together for a few years but had only bought their condo three years ago. "I would love it but I am not so sure about letting you," laughed Jack, "What ideas do you have for fundraising?

Again they were told not to rush and some tongue wrestling was allowed.

They were surprised at how many of the ladies had a go.

Robert, when cleaning breasts and nipples, declared that he had the best job in the world, even if he had to pay to do it.

For the next round, Niomi took one grape in her mouth at a time and for twenty dollars the participants could kiss her and take the grape.

Auctioning the job of demolishing the latest dessert offering, Trevor had the winning bid of one hundred dollars.

His wife was the main cheerleader when he got down to business.

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Robert was not so keen on the grape game because he had less cleaning and touching so Niomi gave him a grape treat to compensate.

Robert put a fifty in the pot and volunteered for cleaning duties so that Jack could focus on the food.