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If you do find you have a glut of males from the same brood they can usually be housed safely together until you can sell, eat, or do whatever to them.

Just keep it a bachelor pad and don't introduce any more males to the pen/cage once settled or the 'intruders' will likely be harmed.

However, most westerners immediately think of poultry as chickens first, ducks or possibly turkeys, not necessarily quail.

In Asia and the Middle East, quail production is second nature and have been farmed for thousands of years.

Therefore, a mesh roof is recommended in pens to limit injury if they do literally 'hit the roof.' In the open, quail are easy enough to catch if they escape from your grasp but in a bush setting the task is harder.

When young, the males and females are difficult to tell apart.

Major quail farmers have refined growing techniques to such efficiency that they can produce thousands of birds in relatively small areas, which suits the needs of densely populated countries.

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Cages for this type of poultry are widely accepted in a humane sense because quail actually like small spaces.

Pens are also an effective way to house quail but it takes more space (of course) and a little more work to clean out the pens and collect eggs.

In the backyard environment, depending on the amount of quail you want to keep, the cages or pens you have, and how serious you are, will determine how many you keep together.

The easiest way to feed your quails is with a pre-mixed game bird feed purchased from a good farm-feed retailer.

Game bird feed is higher in protein to emulate the birds natural diet if it were in the wild.

The following week I decided to do some research into keeping quail and I became quite intrigued with the idea.

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