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He even forced a knife in my hand once and tried to stab himself, with my hand, so he could claim I was trying to stab him….I was so stupid and trusting and hoped and prayed and met with his therapists….everything….he never felt remorse, actually only cried when thought about how what all he had done said about him.He never cared about what it did to me, or our son. Broke my finger, threw me to the ground or across the room…was losing control of the situation because he controlled everything with lies, and I was now looking and finding them. The strip club, he knew the strippers personally, had their numbers, met them outside the club.He is a complete different person from what he pretended to be.We went to church every Sunday and were very involved, his insistence. I called him a rooster, my therapist (after I found all this and everything crumbled) told me the official therapy term is a peacock.

As I found more and more, the shock of how deep, how dark, how sick he is, and then his “frustration” and blowing up at me became so great.His family has not contacted me or our son in 4 years, not even a birthday card for my son, no support, no concern, they enable him to continue by blaming me and praising him.He lied and lied until I played the voice mails…then he lied more about the nature of the woman. He lied to me the entire first year we dated because he was separated then, but told me he had never married and had no children.He just lied (and really fast) about being with a male friend at lunch and calling him…but no guy talks to another guy like he was talking.

Red alert, I called my sister and she told me how to check a cell phone. I checked his phone when he got home, and there were three messages from other woman, one a stripper.

He told me the pictures of his three daughters were his nieces, his wife his sister.

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