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24-Jun-2017 15:14

Not bad, not offensive but a bit unpredictable in my opinion, was not expecting the faint initial caramel to leave so quickly, not what I was expecting from something named "Candy".

Sillage is very soft, could not smell this unless I dug my nose into my wrist, ok I was also trying 2 sprays of poison girl on my other one so that was dominating but Candy was not trying to fight back, like that somewhat popular girl at the party who stands in the background drinking and talking to her friends instead of dancing and stealing the scene, also she's leaving early as she's bored, just like this scent did after a few hours.

This is just amazing Sweet good to fragrance well it's not as sexy as Viva La juicy Gold couture However it's not too harsh in sweetness as pink sugar its not like pure sugary ..

It is just delicious and reach gourmound .extra feminim Lady .❤ I didn’t think I cared much for gourmand, sweet, or Prada fragrances.

Longevity and silage are bother moderate on aso another perfume that I get random compliments on when I wear it.

I bought Prada Candy as a Xmas preset for my secretary (I’m her Secret Santa this year).

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It's simplistic and linear, yes, but the overall composition possesses a depth and warmth that evoke something so much more than a ditzy teenage girl in a candy store.It is a bit of a grower, but overall, sillage is fairly soft while longevity is moderate.This could be a nice sleep fragrance, or would be safe for work.Honestly, it's a good scent, quite grown up even, but it's not what I wanted from it.

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I like it and am happy to have it nonetheless, but I think something like Bon Bon or Juicy Gold Couture is probably more suited to my specific caramel craving at the moment.If I had been told two weeks ago that I’d be wearing “candy” and there was hot pink on the bottle, I would’ve scoffed. A delectable buttery caramel that doesn’t actually smell edible, but like a gorgeous perfume (which probably straddles the gourmand/oriental border).

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