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The value can be set relative to the total amount of RAM or as an absolute value in bytes or, alternatively, in information units (e.g frame. Clients might not follow the server suggestion, see the AMQP reference for more detail.Disabling heartbeats might improve performance in situations with a great number of connections, but might lead to connections dropping in the presence of network devices that close inactive connections.This guide covers a number of topics related to configuration: Default config file locations vary between operating systems and package types.This topic is covered in more detail in the rest of this guide.Default: Affects the amount of time the management plugin will cache expensive management queries such as queue listings.The cache will multiply the elapsed time of the last query by this value and cache the result for this amount of time.The new format is easier to generate for tools such as Chef, Puppet, or BOSH.

Those running 3.7.0 or later are encouraged to consider the new sysctl format first.If you have non-standard requirements, then Rabbit MQ environment variables include, but are not limited to: this will cause Rabbit MQ to use fully qualified names to identify nodes. Note that it is not possible to switch between using short and long names without resetting the node.* Unix, Linux, Mac OSX In addition, there are several environment variables which tell Rabbit MQ where to locate its database, log files, plugins, configuration etc.Other variables upon which Rabbit MQ depends are: .

This includes core server configuration as well as plugins.

In most distributions we place this example file in the same location as the real file should be placed (see above).