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14-Dec-2017 03:28

What we can say is that we’ve seen a Mirai botnet participating in the attack.” As I noted earlier this month in Europe to Push New Security Rules Amid Io T Mess, many of these products from Xiong Mai and other makers of inexpensive, mass-produced Io T devices are essentially unfixable, and will remain a danger to others unless and until they are completely unplugged from the Internet.That’s because while many of these devices allow users to change the default usernames and passwords on a Web-based administration panel that ships with the products, those machines can still be reached via more obscure, less user-friendly communications services called “Telnet” and “SSH.” Telnet and SSH are command-line, text-based interfaces that are typically accessed via a command prompt (e.g., in Microsoft Windows, a user could click Start, and in the search box type “cmd.exe” to launch a command prompt, and then type “telnet” to reach a username and password prompt at the target host).Even worse, the web interface is not aware that these credentials even exist.” Flashpoint’s researchers said they scanned the Internet on Oct.

“It’s remarkable that virtually an entire company’s product line has just been turned into a botnet that is now attacking the United States,” Nixon said, noting that Flashpoint hasn’t ruled out the possibility of multiple botnets being involved in the attack on Dyn.

Well, they should be made to own the cleanup efforts as well.

Devices infected with Mirai are instructed to scour the Internet for Io T devices protected by more than 60 default usernames and passwords. This entry was posted on Friday, October 21st, 2016 at pm and is filed under Other.

At the end September 2016, the hacker responsible for creating the Mirai malware released the source code for it, effectively letting anyone build their own attack army using Mirai.

Mirai scours the Web for Io T devices protected by little more than factory-default usernames and passwords, and then enlists the devices in attacks that hurl junk traffic at an online target until it can no longer accommodate legitimate visitors or users.Earlier today cyber criminals began training their attack cannons on Dyn, an Internet infrastructure company that provides critical technology services to some of the Internet’s top destinations.

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